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Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can my puppy start doggy daycare?

We accept puppies once they have had all their vaccinations. Most puppies have had these by the time they are 4 months old. We require at our daycare for all dog to have had their Lepto, Kennel Cough and Parvo vaccines and boosters before attending. We highly recommend that your puppy starts a Pre-school course before attending doggy daycare, this is for you and your puppy so that they have a chance to meet a group of dogs and get a basic understanding of behavioural expectations.
Doggy Daycare is a very different sort socialisation and each dog and puppy will settle in differently. It is great when you start brining your puppy once they're fully vaccinated, younger pups often settle in and get used to their routine pretty quickly. We of course do our best to help with their socialisation and daycare experiences, this includes rewarding for good behaviour, encouraging friendships and giving naps when they need them.
Many of our puppies bring lunch along to daycare, this is very beneficial to some dogs as it helps to build on our relationship with them as well as helping them to feel more comfortable at doggy daycare.

Remember that many dogs handle daycare situations and separation from their families differently, we make sure to let you know as much as we can about how they settle in all aspects.

How and when do I pay?

Weekly invoices for daycare that week are sent out on Fridays. It is most common for our customers that have regular bookings to setup automatic bank transfers for the amount the dogs are booked in for. We also accept eftpos. Payments for the week of daycare are expected to be paid by the end of the following week.

What if I forget/ don't show up to daycare when my dog is booked in?

It is your responsibility to let us know if your dog won’t be attending their daycare day/s booked in for the week. We charge a $15 cancellation fee for any dog that did not notify us of their absence by 6pm the night before and a $20 no show fee the day of the booking as each spot is valuable! We also have dogs that love when they come on a casual basis and they ask to book in but can miss out on spots if you’re too late to notify us.

Do we accept un-neutered dogs?

Yes - as long as they continue to interact with all other dogs in an acceptable manner. 
At Doggy Bed & Biscuit we are always so impressed with how our dogs interact and get along, sometimes adding in hormones can throw things a little off balance. When you get a puppy you usually get to make a decision to get your dog neutered when you believe is a good age which is often directed by your vets or breeders due to size and breed of your dog. As much as we understand and wish to accommodate this, if their hormones are proving to be overwhelming in our daycare dynamics, we may ask for them to stay away from daycare until they have been desexed. This is also because  at daycare and want to avoid the heightened interest of sexual action between all the dogs.
Un-neutered females generally experience their first season on heat between 6-12 months. If we notice she is coming up to her heat cycle - we will advise for her to stay home for four weeks from the start of her cycle is completed.
Dogs also need to stay home after being desexed, the length of time for your dog to stay away will be directed by your vet. We recommend at least one week or longer to ensure to stitches heal completely


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