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Doggy Daycare for your furry friends in rural Cambridge

Doggy Bed & Biscuit - Cambridge - a place for your furry friends to gather and play

At Doggy Bed & Biscuit, 228 Fencourt Road, Cambridge we have created a place for dogs to visit that is a happy, fun, clean and loving place. The furry friends at Doggy Bed & Biscuit will always get the best care and enjoy days full with fun activities and many friends plus plently of exercise.  

We have set up our Doggy Daycare in a remodelled horse stable block - with one area for larger dogs and one for smaller dogs. We have multiple indoor playrooms as well as a concrete patio area along with a beautiful barked garden area for the dogs to enjoy without getting muddy while being outdoors when its wet, plus our lounge rooms and couches to snuggle up on for a rest!

Our amazing outdoor playground is an area that the dogs love, with playground toys to climb on, tyres to lay in, a swimming pool to cool off in and trees to shade under when we go out to play in the warmer months. 

This is a safe haven for our dogs - and is fully fenced and there are always carers in with the dogs - they are never left alone.

Our small dog area is for those 'little fur babies' who can be daunted by the prospect of being in with the big boisterous dogs. They have their own lounge, set of play toys and lounge to kick back in and relax. They too are given a run around in the outdoor playground.

A regular day at daycare with a country feel and farm views include lots of playtime indoors and on fine summer days getting to play in our awesome outdoor playground!

We're commited to your dog's comfort and safety!

Doggy Bed and Biscuit provides a loving, fun, happy, clean and safe place for your furry friends to visit, breaking up their week to play with friends or to free them of bordeom from being home alone.
We’ll send them home completely tuckered out! 

We love to celebrate!

At Doggy Bed and Biscuit we love a reason to dress up and celebrate - be it a birthday, Christmas, Halloween or to support one of the many worthy causes - Pink Ribbon Day etc. We've got a playbox full of costumes, and always happy to receive more! You'll find our stunning photos on Facebook or Instagram - follow us!

What our clients have to say...

Ben's tail is excitedly wagging

"As we drive up to Doggy Bed & Biscuit, Ben - who normally is always in the back seat - jumps into the driver's seat with his tail wagging vigorously. He jumps out of my arms straight into Ambra’s - he adores her and is excited to see his doggy friends After a day at Doggy Bed & Biscuit - he’s blissfully shattered!
I highly recommend Doggy Bed & Biscuit knowing the love and care your furry friend will receive with Ambra and her team."
Karen & Ben 


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