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I started Doggy Bed & Biscuit as a loving, fun, happy, clean and safe place for your furry friends to visit especially on days when you can't be with them so that they don't have to spend so much time home alone and can get lots of social simulating interaction.
"I have always had the biggest love of animals and what gave me my passion to start my own doggy daycare was my own dog, Louie, he's an 9 year old Cavoodle who is my world."

While my family worked full time Louie was often left home alone and this always had me thinking  about what he must do all day to entertain himself, dogs are such active and attention loving animals. He inspired me to open my own doggy daycare where I can offer to share my love for Louie to all our other dogs. I wanted my Doggy Daycare to have a very open outdoor setup, with days full of fun, games and activities to strengthen their social skills and behaviours. Give us a call if you'd like to know more!

Ambra with her dogs Louie (Cavoodle) & Lemony (Border Collie) Plus Ahi & Teddy from daycare!


We require a copy of your dogs vet book before they start at daycare, to ensure that their vaccinations are up to date.
We also require you to  continuously update us with any and all booster vaccinations, medications, and any other health related issues.

Our promise

To do our best to ensure all our pawpals enjoy their day with us, some need more love and cuddles, and some just want to play all day! We love learning all we can about your dog and what they like. We at Doggy Bed & Biscuit promise that we will never leave the dogs unattended. There will always be a carer with your furry friend ensuring no one is getting into mischief!

Flea Treatments

It is super important to keep your dogs flea & worm treatments up to date! 
If your dog is found to have fleas at daycare, there will be a $10 fee charged to you, as we will be giving your loved one a flea shampoo and isolating them from their doggy friends for the remainder of the day. This is to ensure we avoid fleas being spread amongst the daycare.

Behaviour Policy

Doggy Bed & Biscuit has a three strike policy for unacceptable dog behaviour at our daycare.
We believe that all our dogs should get equal attention and do not wish to have any problem dogs that require extra supervision.
If, unfortunately your dog earns three strikes, sadly they will not be welcomed back to daycare unless we see immense improvements in their behaviour. (Strikes are given for major disturbances and other instances)
As this is a safe and happy environment we want all the dogs to enjoy their days and feel safe at all times so please never be offended if we raise any issues about your dog, or can no longer have therm at daycare, as this is for the safety and wellbeing of not only your dog, but the others in our care.
The dogs and our own safety is our main goal while at daycare, therefore Doggy Bed & Biscuit Daycare is not suited for every dog. Daycare is not a place for dogs that don't know how act in a group setting and is not where aggressive dogs to learn social behaviour
We at Doggy Bed & Biscuit love to meet each and every dog interested in joining our daycare and we will give each dog a fair chance while getting to know them and understanding their behaviour.


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