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Doggy Bed & Biscuit Daycare - Bookings are Essential

How do I make a booking?

We accept new bookings by phone, message or come visit us!
For regular bookings please confirm with us what weekly days you want to book and let us know if you'd like to book in for any irregular days.
If your dog will not be attending regularly please book with as much notice as possible to we can do our best to accommodate your furry friends on the days you require.


All payments are required by the end of the following week. 

If an account is outstanding, we will charge you a $12 late payment fee and we might not be able to accommodate your doggy friend until all fees are cleared.

When paying for your dog please provide the following details (if internet banking):

  • Doggy Bed & Biscuit Bank Account: 12-3268-0101623-000
  • Your Dog's Full Name (dog's first name, your last name)
  • Dates the payment is for.

Book in your furry friend!

Please note we require for your dogs to be booked into our daycare.
If your dogs has not been booked in for regular days or if you want to change their days during the week, we require you to inform us before arriving at Doggy Bed & Biscuit as we have limited spaces available.
If you show up with your dog on a day they are not booked in, unfortunately we may have to turn you away due to being full.
We are limited to the number of dogs we can have on any one day to ensure all of our dogs are receiving all the love and attention they deserve while also not being overcrowded.

Book in for a trial day for your dogs first visit by calling or texting - 0273990552


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